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Slides from the presentations

Swedish e-Science Research Center, Dan Henningson (KTH)
Data Science for Scientists, Jim Dowling (KTH)
FlowZoom: In-Situ Big Data Analysis for Flow and Climate Simulations, Tino Weinkauf (KTH)
The atmospheric boundary layer and its impact on the general circulation, Gunilla Svensson (SU)
Computing strings, from the atomic to the cosmic, Nicola Spaldin (ETH Zurich)
Spin-based nanooscillators for neuromorphic computing VR, Anna Delin (KTH)
Data-driven applications in practice, Lars Albertsson (Mapflat)
Scalable Access to Big Data, Martin Giese (University of Oslo)
EACare: Embodied Agent to support elderly mental wellbeing, Hedvig Kjellström (KTH)
Medical Bioinformatics, Arne Elofsson (SU)

From the original invitation

General information

The Eighth Annual Meeting of SeRC will take place at Sigtunahöjden, Sigtuna, May 11-12, lunch-to-lunch. The theme of the meeting is ‘Data-driven science’. There will be presentations by SeRC researchers as well as external speakers. The external speakers include:

  • Morten Dæhlen, Dean, dep. of Informatics, Univ. of Oslo
  • Martin Giese, Professor, Centre for Scalable Data Access, Univ. of Oslo
  • Lars Albertsson, Founder & data engineer, Mapflat
  • Nicola Spaldin, Professor, dep. of Materials, ETH Zürich
  • Fredrik Bondestam, Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, Univ. of Gothenburg

There is a SeRC board meeting and an Advisory board meeting in connection to the meeting.


You can find the program here.


The registration is closed.

Please register by latest April 7th. The conference is free of charge but the number of seats and rooms are limited, and will be available on a first-register first-served basis.


Buses will leave from KTH (to Sigtunahöjden), Lindsteds väg 3, 10.45, May 11, and from Sigtunahöjden (to KTH) 13:15, May 12. Please indicate at the registration if you want to go by bus or arrange the travel by yourself.


Malin Landin, email:, phone: + 46 8 790 75 84 or + 46 707 66 88 61.

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