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Communities and MCPs

SeRC is based on eight well established research communities. Some of these focus on core e-Science methodology, like Numerical Analysis, Visualization, or the community of Parallel Software and Data Engineering, whereas other focus on some area of application of this methodology, like Molecular Simulations, Electronic Structure, FLOW (computational fluid dynamics), Climate Modeling, or Life Science. The coordinators of the different communities can be found here.

Since an important part of SeRCs strategy is to encourage collaboration between core and applied areas SeRC has initiated research programs named Multidisciplinary Collaboration Programs (MCPs), containing applied and core researchers from several communities (see illustration below). The MCPs include Brain-IT, Data-driven Computational Materials Design (DCMD), e-Science for Cancer Prevention and Control (eCPC), SeRC Data Science, SeRC Exascale Simulation Software Initiative (SESSI) and Visual Data Analytics in e-Science applications. The main PI of each MCP can be found here.