Workshop on Arctic airmass transformations

A workshop organized by Gunilla Svensson, SU, and Felix Pithan, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany, was held at MISU 6-9 November 2017. The theme of the workshop was how to improve the understanding of air mass transformations in the Arctic by observational and modelling strategies. The workshop, by invitation only, gathered about 30 scientists that presented different views. A fair amount of the time was devoted to discussions. The main findings and recommendations from the workshop is summarized in a review paper, accepted for publication in Nature Geoscience. It will play a role in the final planning of the multinational observational program MOSAiC that will last for a year and will observe the Arctic Ocean and the atmosphere above it.

Figure: A filament of moist air is channeled poleward and transformed to Arctic air in an intrusion event.

Pithan, F., G. Svensson, R. Caballero, D. Chechin, T.W. Cronin, A.M.L. Ekman, R. Neggers, M.D. Shupe, A. Solomon, M. Tjernström, and M. Wendisch, 2018: Role of air-mass transformations in exchange between the Arctic and mid-latitudes. Nature Geoscience. In press.