Used the subcellular model building, calibration and analysis toolbox to elucidate the regulatory role of calcineurin for PKA activation

Figure legend: We have built a biochemical model of protein kinase A (PKA) activation by cAMP and its inhibition by calcium activated phosphatases such as calcineurin (CN) using our workflow for modeling and data-driven calibration and analyses of systems biology models. This non-canonical mode of PKA regulation may underlie many other cellular processes. (A) model structure;.The model both mimics the wild type systems without CN (B), with Ca activated CN (C) as well as data when the anchoraging protein AKAP79 was present (D).

Publication: Timothy W Church, Parul Tewatia, Saad Hannan, João Antunes, Olivia Eriksson, Trevor G Smart, Jeanette Hellgren Kotaleski, Matthew G Gold (2021) AKAP79 enables calcineurin to directly suppress protein kinase A activity, eLife 10:e68164,