Protein modeling quality

Protein modeling quality is an important part of protein structure prediction. The new quality predictor ProQ3D was developed using deep learning techniques and could improve prediction accuracy relative to previous methods (Uziela et al 2018). ProQ3D was shown to perform at top in the CASP13 evaluation.

We contributed software and methods to assess the inter-rater agreement on prostate biopsies using the ImageBase database. We showed that there is poor agreement between pathologists on the Gleason grading of prostate biopsies (Egevad et al 2018). As a result of these deficiencies, we have been developing methods to use convolutional deep learning networks to analyse prostate biopsy images. Publications from the deep learning are due in 2019.

Two SeRC PhD students with Keith Humphreys, Gabriel Isheden and Rickard Strandberg, gained student conference prizes for best papers on their modelling of tumour growth.

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