Modern approaches to prostate cancer screening: trial results from the STHLM3-MRI and STHLM3-AS studies

We finished the STHLM3-MRI trial and wrote the first two publications from the trial, published in the New England Journal of Medicine (impact factor 91) and the Lancet Oncology (impact factor 54) (Eklund et al 2021, Nordström et al 2021). We demonstrated, in a large (n=12,750) prospective prostate cancer screening trial that the Stockholm3 prostate cancer prediction model can inform risk stratification before MRI and targeted biopsies in prostate cancer screening. Combining the Stockholm3 test with an MRI-targeted biopsy approach for prostate cancer screening decreases overdetection while maintaining detection of significant cancer. Using Stockholm3 prior could markedly reduce resource utilization of MRI, leads to improved cost-effectiveness and more robust and streamlined clinical workflows.

We completed the STHLM3-AS study and wrote the first publication from the trial, demonstrating the use of risk prediction and MRI to improve active surveillance of men with diagnosed low risk prostate cancer [3].