Integrated analysis of cardiac function

Recent developments within image-based simulation and imaging of cardiac function can potentially advance diagnosis and treatment optimization of a range of cardiac diseases. However, common flow visualization techniques, as used in commercial software packages, often fall short in discriminating the alterations in the highly dynamic and complex blood flow in the heart. This sub- project aims at developing a semi-automatic assessment of cardiac function by enabling integrated analysis and visualization of the anatomy (scalars), blood flow (vectors), and stresses in the heart wall (tensors). With its highly dynamic, multi-field data the project fits well into the Vis-MCP research themes, in particular an intuitive interactive exploration framework based on topological data analysis for a large patient cohorts are at the forefront of the project.

External funding and synergies: This project has synergies with the VR-funded project “The cardiovascular function avatar”, as well as the KAW funded project “Seeing Organ Function”.