Feature based exploration of large-scale turbulent flow simulations

Turbulence simulations have become so large, that their sheer size is an obstacle for saving the data in full spatio-temporal resolution. This prevents the analysis of interesting phenomena at smaller temporal and spatial scales. Coupling essential steps of the data analysis directly to the numerical simulation leads to a drastic reduction of data size. This project will enable in-situ detection and tracking of flow structures, which will be used as focus regions to build a multi-resolution description of the data. Interactive visualization methods from volume and flow visualization will be adapted to the new multi- resolution scheme. This project will provide a coherent zooming in space on time to give access to small- scale structures in very large turbulence simulations.

External funding and synergies: There are synergies with the SSF-funded project “In-Situ Big Data Analysis for Flow and Climate Simulations”. The SSF project establishes the in-situ data analysis pipeline, whereas the SeRC project ensures the longevity and utility of the overall infrastructure: the analysis and visualization software is made compatible with the flow simulation software Nek5000.