Bioinformatics Highlight: Assessing protein mass spectrometry data using Percolator – how to weed out valuable information from the noise

Mass spectrometry (MS) is currently the most effective way to analyze protein on a large scale, and hence one of the most important tools for answering those questions. There are still however difficult challenges in analysing the wealth of data MS-based experiments produce.

Lukas Käll has been addressing these questions for several years and has developed several open source tools that are highly appreciated in the proteomics community. His software has been incorporated in commercial offerings, and currently the majority of all MS-equipment for proteomics usage is shipped with his software.

An important focus has been on discriminating correct from incorrect peptide identifications in database searches. False identification is a plague in high-throughput biology and Käll’s methods utilize modern machine-learning techniques to remove false identifications and estimate false-discovery rates. For examples of his software work see Percolator and qvalue. You can read more in the papers listed below.


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