SeRC Exascale Simulation Software Initiative – SESSI

Our goal is to advance science by improving performance towards the exascale of key scientific codes. Exascale computers will enable much larger computations than are currently possible, but most scientific codes are limited in scaling to 10,000-100,000 cores. Going beyond this requires deep and specialized computer science knowledge about algorithms, communication patterns and new hardware.

In SESSI, we address this with a multi-disciplinary team focussing on a small set of scientific codes with proven world-wide impact (publications and citations), including members both from life science, mechanics, climate research, mathematics – and computer science. We believe this has been a highly successful approach. In recent work it has led to very highly cited new versions of scientific codes, significant co-funding from national and international programs, a joint “strong research environment” and several high-impact application publications. SESSI has become a natural collaborative environment for the most compute-intensive research groups in SeRC.

People involved can be found here.