e-Science for Cancer Prevention and Control

eCPC has built up integrated e-Science competencies in large projects on prostate, breast and cervical cancer. A range of e-Science experts (mathematics, statistics, bioinformatics, computer science) work together with molecular scientists, epidemiologists and clinicians to develop a modularized e-Science framework for personalized screening and treatment. A strength of this MCP is that it has immediate impact on health and society.

E-Science achievements include

  • The development and commercialization of the STHLM3 test for prostate cancer diagnostics
  • Introduction of next generation sequencing pipelines and prediction algorithms for cancer diagnostic profiling
  • Development of a microsimulation framework and prostate cancer natural history model
  • Development and estimation of novel breast cancer natural history models
  • Development of new predictive algorithms for breast cancer using novel image analysis features
  • Development and clinical implementation of the CLAMP system for long-read sequencing of chronic myeloid leukaemia
  • Software tools released for survival analysis

People involved can be found here.