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Location: D32 (KTH Main Building)

Time: 13:15-15:30 April 27

First meeting within the FLOW community.

The purpose of this meeting is to start our community, and give you general information about scope and purpose. In this regard, people from SeRC core communities (Numerical Analysis, Visualization, Distributed and Parallel Techniques, relevant Application Experts) are explicitly invited to contribute and participate.

Summary of discussion points:

1. Scientific part: Presentation of numerical methods used in our community. During the first meeting we will begin with introducing our spectral code SIMSON, used mainly in Dan and Arne’s group. It is this code that has just been granted access to PRACE resources with a total of 46 million CPU hours.
2. Tools: Presentation of our approach to visualisation using Paraview (setting up, scripting, demonstration).
3. General discussion within FLOW Community, future directions etc. For this point I invite all of you to contribute with ideas and considerations. Link to strategy document.


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