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Location: NSC, Linköping

Time: 8:30-15:00 February 9-11

NSC is hosting an extensive 3-day HPC training class given by Intel experts. The class covers the latest Intel processor architecture, relevant Intel HPC tools, such as compilers, MKL, performance and profiling tools etc., application tuning and relevant parallel programming models.

The class starts on Wednesday February 9, 2011 at 10.00 and ends early afternoon on Friday February 11. The class is free of charge and includes lunch and coffee. Travel costs and accommodation are paid by the participant. Dinner is hosted by Intel.

Registration as well as details about the class can be found at The deadline for registration is Wednesday January 26. The number of seats are limited and registered users and personnel at Nordic HPC resources will be given priority in case of significant overbooking.

The class is intended for medium to advanced users of HPC, system administrators and application experts. Basic knowledge of HPC usage, Fortran and/or C/C++ , MPI and/or OpenMP is recommended. The class is mainly based on lectures but there will also be exercises available for students and we advise you to bring your own laptop to be able to connect remotely to NSC systems. If you do not have a user account on an NSC system, please notify us when you register so that we can set up a temporary account for you. NSC is hosting an extensive 3-day HPC training class given by Intel.

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