Abbas Cheddad

Senior Lecturer at BTH

Alok Juneja


Amin Rasam

PhDFLOW: Development of subgrid models and application of large-eddy simulations

Anders Engström

PhDClimate: Ensemble single-column model system

Andreas Carlson

Antonios Monokrousos

PhDFLOWFLOW: Adjoint-based linear and nonlinear optimisation in wall-bounded shear flow

Azad Noorani

PhDFLOW: Methods for Lagrangian particles in complex geometries

Bogdan Frecus

PhDElectronic: Multiscale Modeling Methods for Biomolecules

Colin Jones


Doghonay Arjmand

PhD StudentNumerical Analysis: Multiscale methods in fluid dynamics

Ekaterina Ezhova

Enrico Deusebio

PhDFLOW: Stratified wall-bounded flows

Eric Hall


Erik Granseth

Fabian Schreiber

Fredrik Lysholm

Gaetano Sardina

PhDFLOW: WALLPART - Inertial Particles in developing wall turbulence, FLOW: Particle-laden transitional flows; small and finite-size particles, Climate: Direct numerical simulation of cloud turbulence and its interaction with cloud drops

George El Khoury


Gustav Amberg

ProfessorFLOW: Simulation of free-boundary problems and phase change, FLOW: Numerical simulation of swimming micro-organisms in suspensions, Molecular: Molecular processes at the three-phase contact line

Gustav Taxén

Hanna Härdin


Hatef Darabi

MCP eCPC: eCPC WP3: Cancer microsimulation

Holger Kohr

ResearcherNA: Reconstruction methods for very noisy Electron Tomography data

Imad Abugessaisa

PhDPSDE: E-Science in Medicine – Prediction, Prognosis, and Understanding of Complex Diseases

Iulia Ibanescu

Scientific Programmer

Jenny Brandefelt

PhDFLOW: Arctic Sea ice in warm climates

Jens Carlsson

Assistant ProfessorMolecular: Computational studies of membrane protein-ligand interactions

Jens Lagergren

ProfessorBioinformatics: Study of Cardiovascular Diseases, Bioinformatics: Integrating physical interaction networks in the analysis of Complex Diseases, Bioinformatics: Improving the power of statistical tests for genetic interactions

Jesper Tegnér

ProfessorPSDE: E-Science in Medicine – Prediction, Prognosis, and Understanding of Complex Diseases

Johan Malm

FLOWFLOW: Spectral-element simulations of turbulent separation, FLOW: Large-scale simulations of turbulent flows, including transition and separation

Jonas Carlsson

Jonathan Vincent

PhD, Application Expert - Parallel ProgrammingApplication Experts, PDC

José Navarro

Julien Savre


Jörn Dietrich

MCP eCPC: eCPC WP1: Platform and infrastructure development

Karl Landström

Lars-Uve Schrader


Laurent Brodeau

PhD, Researcher & Scientific Programmer

Liang Wei


Marcus Nordenstam

Exotic Matter

Michael Felsberg


Milos Ilak

FLOW: Tools for Visualisations with Simson, FLOW: Bifurcation and stability analysis of a jet in crossflow

Monica Leu


Oana Marin

Numerical Analysis: A fast summation method for fiber simulations, FLOW and NA: Quadrature rules for boundary integral methods applied to Stokes flow, Sessi MCP: Parallel Implementation of the Setup of an Algebraic Multigrid Solver, Sessi MCP: Code optimization for on-node performance: SIMD and LIBXSMM for small dense matrix-matrix multiplications, streaming stores for optimizing cache to memory operations, Sessi MCP: Runtime Profiling and Automatisation of Projections, Sessi MCP: Overcoming I/O limitations on exascale architectures

Omar Guiterrez Arenas

PhDMCP Brain-IT: Computational modeling of intracellular signaling cascades in the basal ganglia

Patrik Björkholm

Per Larsson

Peter Somogyi

PhDMCP eCPC: eCPC WP2: Managing sensitive data in distributed environments

Rikard Ojala

PhDNumerical Analysis: An accurate integral equation method for simulating multi-phase Stokes flow, FLOW: An accurate integral equation method for simulating multi-phase Stokes flow

Roxana Martinez

PSDE: Biobanking and biomedical research integration toward a global sharing of biobank resources, MCP eCPC: eCPC WP2: Managing sensitive data in distributed environments

Rune Graversen


Sander Pronk

Molecular: Markov state models for simulation, Molecular: Distributed computing simulation, Molecular: Efficient free energy calculations for biomolecular applications

Sankar Basu

Sikander Hayat

Post-doc researcherBioinformatics: Using predictions to improve predictions of membrane proteins

Therese Andersson


Timo Ropinski

Professor in Computer ScienceVisualization: Efficient Methods for Volumetric Illumination, Visualization: Volumetric Finite Element Visualization, Visualization: Methods for High-Quality Illumination in Interactive Volume Rendering, Electronic: Visualization tool for electronic structure calculations, Electronic: Morphology and electro-optical properties of materials in solar cell

Torben Brömstrup

Postdoctoral Researcher

Usman Dastgeer


Yngve Sundblad


Yukinori Kametani


Yvonne Kallberg

Özge Yoluk