SeRC faculty consists of all MCP coordinators and senior researchers with substantial engagement in SeRC.  Both core and applied areas are represented, as well as all four Universities. The main goal of the faculty is to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange between applied and core e-Science communities, and to provide SeRC with an inter-community-network of e-Science scientists. The faculty also has a voice in the steering of SeRC, advising the director and management on scientific issues.

The members of the faculty is the main driving force of research projects within SeRC, e.g. as supervisors or co-supervisors of PhD projects. The faculty organizes scientific workshops on specific e-Science related questions and constitutes a forum for joint applications. It is also responsible for integrating application experts within the communities.

The faculty usually has one larger meeting each year. Together with the application experts the faculty plays an important role as the scientific “engine” of SeRC, realizing the vision: “Through e-Science enable world leading research 
within strategically important areas”.

A list of the faculty members can be found here.