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24 & 25 January, two-day online workshop from 9.30-14.30

This workshop is being run by BioExcel in collaboration with PDC and the CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland (where the LUMI system is hosted) and is designed for GROMACS users who are interested in running efficient GROMACS simulations on the GPU partition of LUMI (known as LUMI-G).

This workshop will give practical tips on how to run GROMACS simulations efficiently on LUMI-G (that is, on AMD GPUs). The participants will also learn how to assess and tune the performance of GROMACS code. In addition, the course will provides an overview of the LUMI architecture and GROMACS heterogeneous parallelisation, with special attention to AMD GPUs.

For more details and the application link, see:

Note that the deadline for applications is Wednesday 20 December.