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Learn about GPU systems and how to adapt your research code for GPUs
A practical course with experts from PDC, HPE & AMD

15 & 22 September (afternoons only, online) – understand GPUs and what types of problems to use them for, try basic exercises running jobs on the Dardel GPUs and using OpenMP, HIP and SYCL
12 & 13 October (all day, in person at PDC) – practise adapting a short piece of code for GPUs with OpenMP, HIP or SYCL, plus you will have a chance to start adapting your own code
Note Participants need to have experience working with C/C++ or Fortran. Anyone wanting to use HIP or SYCL during the course will need to have some knowledge of C++.

For details about the course (including the schedule and how to register), see:

Information about the timing for second and third parts of the course is available on these pages:

Note: You only need to register ONCE (using the registration form linked on the first/top page above) – that will register you for all three parts of the course.