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Welcome to this ENCCS SYCL workshop

SYCL is a C++ abstraction layer for programming heterogeneous hardware with a single-source approach. SYCL is high-level, cross-platform, and extends standard ISO C++17. You will learn to:

  • Use the hipSYCL compiler to generate executables for multiple hardware targets.
  • Write hardware-agnostic code to express parallelism using the queue, command group, and kernel abstractions.
  • Use buffer and accessors to handle memory across devices.
  • Evaluate drawbacks and advantages of unified shared memory.


This workshop will be given by ENCCS expert Roberto Di Remigio Eikås, PhD.


  • Stig Rune Jensen (NRIS)
  • Andrey Alekseenko (KTH)
  • Jørgen Nordmoen (NRIS)

Computing Resources

Supercomputer Karolina is going to provide computing resources for this workshop.

Agenda and Registration

For updated agenda and registration please visit