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Recent developments in quantum technology are bringing the world closer to a new technological revolution – the advent of usable quantum computers able to provide enormous acceleration to important computational tasks​. In coming years, quantum computing is expected to have a huge impact on practically all areas of research that can utilise computational modelling.

Starting operations in April this year, the NordiQuEst project brings together a consortium of seven partners from five Nordic and Baltic countries to connect world-leading traditional HPC resources and quantum computers across national borders with the aim to establish a quantum computing platform customised to the needs of the region.

ENCCS is now joining forces with NordIQuEst to deliver a two-day training workshop covering the fundamentals of quantum computing (QC), including:

  • Introduction to key concepts: quantum states, qubits, quantum algorithms
  • QC programming in high-level languages for use cases in optimisation, finance and quantum chemistry followed by testing quantum programs to esure their correctness
  • Overview of the main QC hardware approaches
  • Integration of QC with classical computing: hybrid classical/quantum algorithms and HPC-QC systems.

Morning lectures are combined with afternoon hands-on sessions where participants learn to use high-level QC programming languages using simulators, as well as real QC hardware.


For the hands-on training sessions, basic familiarity with Python and some experience working in a Unix environment are desirable. No previous experience with quantum computers expected.

Agenda and Registration

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