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Registration is open until 28 February 2022!

The human brain is one of the most complex and fascinating structures. It is still far from understood and therefore considered one of the last biological frontiers. Its function is the result of intricate signal transmission networks and reactions occurring within and between neurons.

To model and simulate such complexity, multiscale models are required, that are aimed at reproducing brain function through a bottom-up approach, from the molecular to the whole brain level.

This workshop will provide training in computational tools developed in HBP, that enable brain simulation and modelling at the molecular and subcellular levels. Participants will get an overview of these tools, the necessary theoretical background, and practical experience to apply the tools in own research. HBP research results will be shared and attendees be trained in how to use EBRAINS resources.

The target audience is advanced master students, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in molecular neuroscience, biochemistry, molecular biotechnology, biophysics, chemistry and related subjects, who would like to acquire an introduction to molecular simulation of neuronal signaling cascades and expertise in the relevant data sources and simulation tools developed in HBP. Prior experience with shell scripts, python and visualization of biomolecular structures (vmd or pymol) is recommended.

More information:

The target audience is advanced master students, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers. Deadline for registration is Feb 28.

You are most welcome to inform your students about this event!