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On March 18-19, Nordic Innovation, Happy42, and Ramboll are hosting a Hackathon, that especially targets startups, growth companies, and talents within AI/machine learning or those who have expertise in transport/mobility sector. 

The format of the hackathon

The hackathon will be held in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Online (at the same time), making it possible for all Nordic teams/talents to be part of it. 

Briefly said about the hackathon, teams put their technical skills and potential insights from the transport/mobility/climate area into play and demonstrate how digital solutions and the use of AI and open data, can solve relevant challenges. 


There has been work in making strong data sets ready for the participants, hence it’s road camera data from all over the Nordics – and also weather- and air quality data. 


Challenges that are presented are predefined – but if ideas go beyond that’s okay as well, and there’s a cash prize of 20.000 DKK as well. 

Website and graphics

Most of the details are on the website: – And if you have any questions regarding format, data, or something third, do reach out to our Project Lead Linda Pedersen at!