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Learn how to write a portable parallel program that can run on multicore CPUs and accelerators like GPUs and how to apply incremental parallelization strategies using the OpenACC programming model to accelerate an example application that simulates heat distribution across a 2-dimensional metal plate and apply this knowledge to accelerate a mini-application.


Basic experience with C/C++ or Fortran. No GPU programming knowledge is required.

GPU Compute Resources

Attendees will be given access to “Berzelius” for the duration of the Bootcamp. Berzelius is the premier AI/ML cluster at NSC. To learn more about Berzelius, please visit the links below for more information.Berzelius OverviewBerzelius – Getting Started Guide

Registration and Agenda

For updated agenda and registration you can visit
Deadline for registration is 23 February 2022.
For questions regarding this event please contact