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Due to the continuous increase of data volumes that many scientific domains are facing, advances in science have become dependent on the availability of scalable analysis tools able to effectively cope with these massive datasets.

This online training course aims to provide a basic understanding of HPDA challenges for eScience and how these are addressed by the Ophidia HPDA framework. Ophidia is a CMCC Foundation research effort targeting scientific data-intensive analysis, by joining HPC paradigms and Big Data approaches. The framework specifically targets the analysis on top of HPC systems and is currently involved in the ESiWACE2 CoE and the eFlows4HPC EuroHPC JU projects for large-scale scientific data analytics.

The training will provide an overview of the framework features covering both interactive analysis and complex data analytics workflows on HPC infrastructures. It will include examples of real climate analysis applications with the Ophidia framework as well as hands-on sessions to practice the concepts presented.


Basic knowledge of Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Linux, and the NetCDF data format is required to fully take advantage of this training course. Moreover, general knowledge of climate data aspects is recommended.

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