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With the upcoming LUMI supercomputer arriving this year in Finland, as well as the Dardel supercomputer arriving this and next year to PDC in Stockholm, ENCCS and CSC are providing a series of training events for future users of these new systems.
The main partitions of both LUMI and Dardel will be based on AMD GPUs – users should thus be ready to port their applications to this new architecture.

This training event will be about porting CUDA applications to HIP. It will provide an extensive dive into the Hipify tools and showcase many examples. After this course, the participants will know how to use the AMD Hipify tools to convert CUDA codes to HIP. They will be familiar with the AMD architecture, issues that could arise from the code conversion, and the differences between CUDA and HIP.

In order to take the course, the participant should be familiar with GPU concepts and CUDA. Any experience with GPUs is welcome. Examples and exercises will be available in different programming languages, including Fortran and C.

For further information and to register for the workshop, please visit