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OpenMP provides an efficient method to write parallel programs in C, C++ and Fortran. OpenMP programs are suitable for execution on shared memory architectures such as modern multi core systems or a single compute node of the HPC clusters deployed within SNIC. This event is a collaboration between HPC2N and LUNARC.

This course will introduce participants to the shared-memory model for parallel programming and the OpenMP application-programming interface. In many cases OpenMP allows an existing serial program to be upgraded incrementally, starting with the parallelisation of the most time-consuming parts of the code. Typically OpenMP programs are easily ported from one shared memory multi processor system to another one.

More advanced OpenMP training events are planed during spring 2021. These will be offered by SNIC, PRACE or ENCCS and explain OpenMP tasks and GPU programming with OpenMP. This event provides an introduction to the core features of OpenMP and offers a foundation for the more specialised events.

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