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HPC2N is offering a course on R in HPC environment. The course will be two half-days, and it will be given online, through Zoom.

There is interest among R users to get started in High Performance Computing (HPC) as they need more CPU power, memory or both. Because most of the Machine Learning (ML) models in R are computationally demanding, they are a good starting point to introduce HPC concepts. In the present course, you will learn how to improve your code so that it could run more efficiently on a Desktop and also in an HPC environment. As realistic ML models are computationally expensive when running on a Desktop, we will also teach you how to run these models on Kebnekaise, a HPC cluster at our center. The focus of the course will not be about ML though.

The course will consist of a mix of lectures and hands-ons sessions.

For more information and registration, see: