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A Ph.D. course on “Introduction to High-Performance Computing” (FDD3258) will be given in P1, 2020.
FDD3258 is a 7.5 credit course, and it will be offered online.

This course provides the necessary skills needed to program HPC resources, such as supercomputers. The course is divided into four modules:

  • Modern HPC architectures and performance modeling
  • Shared memory programming with OpenMP
  • Distributed memory programming with MPI
  • GPU architecture and GPU Programming with CUDA

The prerequisite for taking the course is a good knowledge of Linux commands, C/C++, or Fortran (all the programming examples will be in C, though).

If you are interested in taking the course, please send an email with your name and affiliation at so you can be added to the Canvas course webpage.

More information about the course is available at

Stefano Markidis, Artur Podobas and Niclas Jansson