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Rudi Eigenmann, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, USA

Date and time:
Thursday, August 17, 15.00

Lindstedtsvägen 5, room 4423 (floor 4)

The “Supercomputer” Scientific Instrument of the 21st Century

Computational and data-enabled research has become a key enabler to push science frontiers in nearly all disciplines. There is growing evidence that computational research is high-impact research and universities investing in high-performance computing increase in ranking. It has been said that the supercomputer is the scientific instrument of the 21st Century, and the US National Strategic Computing Initiative calls HPC an economic weapon. The talk will examine these claims and describe investments made by the US National Science Foundation in support of computational and data-enabled research. I will describe opportunities to further strengthen this thrust. One of them is to improve access to computational platforms. Doing so will not only require continued advancements in language and compiler technology, but also new domain-oriented system interfaces that allow scientists and engineers to focus on their disciplines rather than on the underlying computer system intricacies.