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The theme includes e.g. technologies for meeting challenges associated with antibiotic resistance, ranging from technologies to support societal level strategies to medical treatment of infections, as well as technologies for using bacteria for the benefit of mankind.

As with previous editions, we have presentations from outstanding scholars and entrepreneurs relevant for the theme. Christopher Voigt from MIT will talk about his research on synthetic biology that combines engineering disciplines with life sciences in an highly unexpected way, e.g., Prof. Voigt has developed a programming language that “compiles” into DNA in a bacterium. The second invited speaker is Bryan Tracy, CEO and co-founder of White Dog Lab, which focuses on developing and commercialising novel technologies that use bacteria to address global challenges including food sustainability and climate change. There will also be shorter presentations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and Division of Clinical Microbiology at Karolinska University hospital. The former on developing societal strategies for handling antibiotic resistance and the latter on techniques for identifying challenging infections. These presentations will be intertwined with opportunities for gaining insight into ongoing KTH research related to the theme, see event home page ( for up-to-date information.

The event, which is in english, is organised by the KTH Life Science Technology platform. Participation is free and includes a light lunch and an afternoon snack, but since the capacity of the venue is limited, participants need to register by filling out the form at