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SeRC is arranging a workshop on genome assembly on May 21st. Topics will range from “best practices” to presentations of new methods and software. There are currently several large-scale genome projects in the Nordics countries and the aim is to share and discuss what we have learnt and what we have done.

We start at 9 and end at 17:30, see the agenda below!

Contact Lars Arvestad <> if you want to participate!

Confirmed talks
Lex Nederbragt (Oslo), “Assembly — before and after”, and “Mix and match: using multiple sequencing technologies and assemblers for the new Atlantic cod genome”
Carlos Talavera-López (KI), “Assembling Trypanosoma cruzii using PacBio reads”
Marcel Martin (WABI), “Complementing an assembly with moleculo virtual long reads”
Kristoffer Sahlin (KTH), “Contig gap modelling and BESST scaffolding”
Francesco Vezzi (SciLifeLab), “Scaffolding with optical maps”
Alexandru Tomescu (Helsinki), “The Minimum Path Cover with subpath constraints for multi-assembly”
Björn Nystedt (WABI/SciLifeLab), “Genome assembly projects in Sweden; a birds-eye view”
Nat Street (Umeå), “Assembling the Swedish aspen genome”
Nicolas Delhomme (Umeå), “RNA-Seq based genome scaffolding”

Confirmed participants include
Chris Wheat (Stockholm University),
Magnus Alm Rosenblad (Göteborgs universitet),
Liisa Holm (Helsinki),
Leena Salmela (Helsinki),
and Lars Arvestad (SeRC and SciLifeLab).