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Young researchers in the fields of mathematics and/or computer science are invited to
participate in an extraordinary opportunity to meet some of the pre-eminent scientists
in the field. ACM has joined forces with the newly created Heidelberg Laureate Forum
(HLF) to bring students together with the very pioneering researchers who may have
sparked their passion for science and math. These role models include recipients of
the Abel Prize, the ACM A.M. Turing Award, and the Fields Medal.

The first Heidelberg Laureate Forum will take place Sept 22-27, 2013 in Heidelberg, Germany.
The week-long event will focus on scientific inspiration and exchange through a
series of presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and social events involving
both the laureates and the young scientists.

Who can participate?
The HLF invites new and recent Ph.Ds, Ph.D candidates, and other graduate students
involved in research, and undergraduate students with solid experience in, and a
commitment to, computing research to apply.

How to apply:
Young researchers can apply online:
The materials required for a complete application are listed on the site.

What is the schedule?
The deadline for applications is February 15, 2013.
Should we receive more applications and nominations than our reviewers can handle,
we reserve the right to close the application website early.
Successful applicants will be notified by April 15, 2013 and will receive full support
to attend the Forum.