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Please note that the symposium is only for the KTH community, there will be an open event in the spring on the same theme.
From the invitation:

The amount of data gathered in all branches of sciences and in business, government and society is growing quickly. Already in 2011 it has been estimated that the world produced about one zettabyte (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) of digital data, much of it actually or potentially available on-line. Large amounts of data, often unstructured and of different kinds, and often collected for one purpose but potentially useful for many other purposes, have come to be called Big Data. It is a common observation that the amount of useful information, or knowledge, does not grow apace with the accumulation of mere data. To do more is the challenge of Big Data.

The KTH ICT and Life Science Technologies platforms have started a project to find out what KTH should be doing in Big Data in the future, and what KTH is doing in Big Data already now.

To further these objectives, the KTH Big Data working group invites everyone in
the KTH community interested in Big Data to a half-day Symposium on Big Data applications in the Life Sciences. The day will feature talks and a poster session and opportunities to mingle and discuss. As the number of seats at the location are limited, participants will be admitted on a first-come first-served basis.


Time and place: Thursday December 12 at 12-18 in or around lecture hall FB42 in the main building on the AlbaNova campus.

Buffet lunch will be served from 11.30.

Preliminary program:

11.30 Buffet lunch
12.00 Welcoming: The KTH Big Data working group

12.15 Prof Mikael Skoglund, EES

12.45 Dr Jim Dowling, ICT, SICS & SeRC

13.15 Prof Jan-Olov Strömberg, SCI

13.45 Break

14.00 Dr Lukas Käll, BIO, SciLifeLab & SeRC

14.30 Prof Tony Lindeberg, CSC

15.00 Poster session, including refreshments

16.30 Buffet dinner

The KTH Big Data working group currently consists of Erik Aurell (coordinator), Mikael Skoglund,Gunnar Karlsson, Timo Koski and Ozan Öktem.