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Call for papers for the IEEE International Conference on e-Science 2011 for the workshop on “Computing Advances in Life Sciences” in Stockholm.Computationally intensive simulations and processing of large data sets have become a necessity in Life Science research. Full utilization of the available computing platforms has increased the demand for software optimized for performance, scalability and high throughput. The workshop will bring together leading researchers to share their experiences in software development across all Life Science fields such as biology, biophysics, biochemistry, ecology, medicine, medical imaging, neuroscience, pharmacology and systems biology. The focus will be on discussions regarding methods, algorithms and frameworks for exploiting a wide spectrum of hardware resources such as clusters, grids and clouds; many-core and hybrid systems; GPGPUs, FPGAs and other non-traditional architectures. The workshop is part of the e-Science 2011 conference (, December 5-8, Stockholm). It is organized by the EU funded project ScalaLife and the HealthGrid association which are establishing community structures for provision of support to various aspects on computing in Life Sciences.