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2014 Evaluation of pan-Arctic melt-freeze onset in CMIP5 climate models and reanalyses using surface observations
2014 Extending the QuikSCAT record of seasonal melt–freeze transitions over Arctic sea ice using ASCAT
2014 The Importance of Representing Mixed-Phase Clouds for Simulating Distinctive Atmospheric States in the Arctic
2014 Large-Eddy Simulations of an Arctic mixed-phase stratiform cloud observed during ISDAC : Sensitivity to surface fluxes and large-scale forcings
2014 Technical note : Introduction to MIMICA, a large-eddy simulation solver for cloudy planetary boundary layers
2014 The Third GABLS Intercomparison Case for Evaluation Studies of Boundary-Layer Models. Part B : Results and Process Understanding
2013 Consequences of poor representation of Arctic sea-ice albedo and cloud-radiation interactions in the CMIP5 model ensemble
2013 Evaluation of near surface parameters in the two versions of the atmospheric model in cesm1 using flux station observations
2013 Global distribution and seasonal variability of coastal low-level jets derived from ERA-Interim reanalysis
2013 Large-scale circulation associated with moisture intrusions into the Arctic during winter
2013 STABLE ATMOSPHERIC BOUNDARY LAYERS AND DIURNAL CYCLES : Challenges for Weather and Climate Models
2012 Arctic climate change in 21st century CMIP5 simulations with EC-Earth
2012 Impact of flow-dependent horizontal diffusion on resolved convectionin AROME.
2011 On the Arctic Wintertime Climate in Global Climate Models
2011 Comparing Estimates of Turbulence Based on Near-Surface Measurements in the Nocturnal Stable Boundary Layer
2011 Evaluation of the Diurnal Cycle in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Over Land as Represented by a Variety of Single-Column Models : The Second GABLS Experiment
2011 Large-Scale Dynamical Response to Subgrid-Scale Organization Provided by Cellular Automata
2011 The simulation of Arctic clouds and their influence on the winter surface temperature in present-day climate in the CMIP3 multi-model dataset
2010 Impact of Surface Flux Formulations and Geostrophic Forcing on Large-Eddy Simulations of Diurnal Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flow
2010 Subtropical Cloud-Regime Transitions: Boundary Layer Depth and Cloud-Top Height Evolution in Models and Observations
2010 The vertical distribution of atmospheric DMS in the high Arctic summer


Year Title
2012 Ensemble single-column model system
  Computational issues with interaction between the core and parameterized small-scale processes in climate models