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Annica Ekman
Associate professor



2014 The Arctic summer atmosphere : an evaluation of reanalyses using ASCOS data
2014 Do sophisticated parameterizations of aerosol-cloud interactions in CMIP5 models improve the representation of recent observed temperature trends?
2014 Evaluation of ACCMIP simulated fine-mode AOD and its implication for aerosol direct forcing
2014 Global emissions of terpenoid VOCs from terrestrial vegetation in the last millennium
2014 Large-Eddy Simulations of an Arctic mixed-phase stratiform cloud observed during ISDAC : Sensitivity to surface fluxes and large-scale forcings
2014 The Responses of Cloudiness to the Direct Radiative Effect of Sulfate and Carbonaceous Aerosols
2014 Seasonal variation of aerosol water uptake and its impact on the direct radiative effect at Ny-Alesund, Svalbard
2014 Technical note : Introduction to MIMICA, a large-eddy simulation solver for cloudy planetary boundary layers
2014 Which significance test performs the best in climate simulations?
2013 Climate-induced changes in sea salt aerosol number emissions : 1870 to 2100
2013 Comparison between summertime and wintertime Arctic Ocean primary marine aerosol properties
2013 Modeling Aerosol Water Uptake in The Arctic Based on The kappa-Kohler Theory
2013 The role of precipitation in aerosol-induced changes in northern hemisphere wintertime stationary waves
2012 Inverse modeling of cloud-aerosol interactions : Part 2: Sensitivity tests on liquid phase clouds using a Markov Chain Monte carlo based simulation approach
2012 Sub-micrometer aerosol particles in the upper troposphere/lowermost stratosphere as measured by CARIBIC and modeled using the MIT-CAM3 global climate model
2012 Toward a minimal representation of aerosols in climate models : description and evaluation in the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5
2012 Wintertime Arctic Ocean sea water properties and primary marine aerosol concentrations
2011 The effect of sea ice loss on sea salt aerosol concentrations and the = diative balance in the Arctic
2011 Impact of Two-Way Aerosol-Cloud Interaction and Changes in Aerosol Size Distribution on Simulated Aerosol-Induced Deep Convective Cloud Sensitivity
2011 Inverse modeling of cloud-aerosol interactions : Part 1: Detailed response surface analysis
2011 Quantification of Monthly Mean Regional-Scale Albedo of Marine Stratiform Clouds in Satellite Observations and GCMs
2010 EC-Earth A Seamless Earth-System Prediction Approach in Action
2010 Impact of meteorological factors on the correlation between aerosol optical depth and cloud fraction
2010 Response to the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in relation to climate sensitivity in the CMIP3 models
2010 Total aerosol effect : radiative forcing or radiative flux perturbation?