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Anders Persson
Associate Professor



2014 Brown adipose tissue in humans : detection and functional analysis using PET (Positron Emission Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and DECT (Dual Energy Computed Tomography)
2014 Large variation in blood flow between left ventricular segments, as detected by adenosine stress dynamic CT perfusion.
2014 Potential sources of quantification error when retrospectively assessing metacarpal bone loss from historical radiographs by using digital X-ray radiogrammetry : an experimental study
2014 Preliminary Results : prospective clinical study to assess image-based iterative reconstruction for abdominal computed tomography acquired at 2 radiation dose levels
2013 Atlanto-axial rotatory subluxations in postmortem CT : radiologists be aware of a common pitfall
2013 Evidence for two types of brown adipose tissue in humans
2013 Letter: Terminology used in publications for post-mortem cross-sectional imaging
2013 Post-Mortem Cardiac 3-T Magnetic Resonance Imaging Visualization of Sudden Cardiac Death?
2013 Sinogram-Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction of Low-Dose Chest CT: Effect on Image Quality and Radiation Dose
2013 Whole spine CT for evaluation of scoliosis in children : feasibility of sub-milliSievert scanning protocol
2012 Automatic Tuning of Spatially Varying Transfer Functions for Blood Vessel Visualization
2012 Can segmented 3D images be used for stenosis evaluation in coronary CT angiography?
2012 Multi-Touch Table System for Medical Visualization: Application to Orthopedic Surgery Planning
2012 RadiationDose Reduction with Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction Technique for abdominal CT.
2012 State-of-the-art of visualization in post-mortem imaging
2012 Virtual non-contrast dual-energy CT compared to single-energy CT of the urinary tract : a prospective study
2011 Characterizing Visual Analytics in Diagnostic Imaging
2011 Characterizing visual analytics in diagnostic imaging
2011 The efficacy of 2D, non-linear noise reduction filtering in cardiac imaging: a pilot study
2011 Fire victim identification by post-mortem dental CT: Radiologic evaluation of restorative materials after exposure to high temperatures
2011 Magnetic resonance imaging goes postmortem: noninvasive detection and assessment of myocardial infarction by postmortem MRI
2011 Multi-Touch Table System for Medical Visualization: Application to Orthopedic Surgery Planning
2011 Quantitative MRI in Isotropic Spatial Resolution for Forensic Soft Tissue Documentation. Why and How?
2011 A state-of-the-art pipeline for postmortem CT and MRI visualization: from data acquisition to interactive image interpretation at autopsy
2010 Comments on the paper entitled "Is post-mortem CT of the dentition adequate for correct forensic identification?: comparison of dental computed tomograpy and visual dental record" by S. Kirchhoff et al
2010 Non-invasive investigations of potential renal artery stenosis in renal insufficiency
2010 Soft tissue discrimination ex vivo by dual energy computed tomography
2010 Spatial Conditioning of Transfer Functions Using Local Material Distributions
2010 Will medical visualisation tools meet medical user requirements in the future?


Year Title
2010 Clinically Applied Multivariate Volume Rendering
2010 Efficient Methods for Volumetric Illumination