Climate Modeling
Eighth annual meeting of SeRC, May 11-12, 2017
Electronic Structure
MCP: Brain-IT
MCP: Data-driven computational materials design
MCP: e-Science for Cancer Prevention and Control
MCP: SeRC Exascale Simulation Software Initiative - SESSI
MCP: Visualization

Communities and Multidisciplinary Collaboration Programs

SeRC consists of 10 research communities, some of which are focusing more on core e-Science methodology, like numerical analysis (NA), visualization (VIZ) and parallel software and data engineering (PSDE), whereas other focus more on some area of application of this methodology, like brain-IT (BIT), bioinformatics (BIO), molecular simulations (MOL), electronic structure (ELEC), computational fluid dynamics (FLOW) or climate modeling (CLIM). Eventhough the communities have an applied or core focus, most of them combines elements of both core and applied research. Each of the communities also has close collaboration with one or more application experts


The community projects are characterized by strong novelty in terms of technology (high end computing, novel architectures, grid, databases, etc.), methodology (new theories, models, methods, algorithms and software) and application (new application areas with large potential gains from e-Science tools). SeRC has appointed and funds one coordinator for each e-Science community. The main task of the coordinator is to initiate and manage the SeRC e-Science projects. The coordinator is also responsible for a range of community activities including organization of events, as well as liaising with other national and international communities.


In order to increase collaboration between core and applied e-Science groups even more, SeRC has also initiated three multidisciplinary collaboration programs, e-Science for Cancer Prevention and Control (eCPC), SeRC Exascale Simulation Software Initiative (SESSI) and Collaborative Visual Exploration and Presentation. The multidisciplinary collaboration programs include participants from both core and applied communities.