PSDE: Integration of data from Swedish Biobanks and Quality Registries

The project aims at developing standards, ontologies, and tools for simplifying data integration from biobanks and quality registries.

BioBanks contain physical samples and also link to data about these samples. National quality registries contain clonical information on patient treatments and outcomes. Biobanks are generally managed by researchers while quality registries are under the control of health care providers. It is therefore not wothout complications to integrate data from the two sources.

This project aims at adressing several problems for integrating sample data from biobanks, and medical patient-related data from quality registries. Data representation and harmonization is one key aspect, where the use of ontologies are advocated. A second key component is to get an integrated overview of what data ois available, and we wil establish a platform and graphical tool to allow scientists to investigate what studies would be feasible to perform.

Collaborators in this project are:, FIMM, EBI, and SimBioMS.