PSDE: Biobanking and biomedical research integration toward a global sharing of biobank resources

Biobanks are biospecimen repositories that collect, process and store biomaterials and generate the associated data and information. At the moment, biobanks have their own isolated informatics infrastructures meaning that the data model driving the data management is particular for each biobank. On other hand, researchers make individual efforts to adopt management systems for their studies and experiements. As result the sharing of biobank resources (-biospecimen and data) is a challenging task.

The first step toward an integration of biobanks and researching is the harmonization and standardization of object models for biospecimen specification and management.

This project aims to stablish the basis for biobank and research integration. In it first phase, it includes the disemination of the standards defined by for biospecimen data description and sample collections description. A web application to register biobanks and studies at metadata level will stimulate the interation and collaboration between researchers and biobanks and at the same time, will create a discipline in the use of the established standards. We also work close to EU projects like the BioMedBridge which include all medical infrastructure in EU.

A sacond phase would be the adquicition of an informatics infrastructure that integrates biobanks and research for data sharing and analysis. This aim could be achieved by adopting and adapting already stablished infrastructures as described in the SeRC-DM project: Integration of data from Swedish Biobanks and Quality Registries.