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FLOW and NA: Quadrature rules for boundary integral methods applied to Stokes flow

This project focuses on the design of accurate quadrature rules for functions with isolated singularities. …

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FLOW Highlight: Fully resolved simulations of fibers with a significant size in turbulent flows

The interaction between fibers and carrier fluid is modeled through an external boundary force method. …

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FLOW Highlight: Natural Laminar Flow

Direct numerical simulations of flow over wings for understanding the physics of modern methods of transition control. …

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FLOW Highlight: Recurring intense bursts of turbulence in rotating channel flow simulations

Carrying out extensive simulations and observing for the first time intense recurrent bursts of turbulence in rotating channel flow. Rotating channel flow is therefore suggested as a prototype for future studies. …

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FLOW Highlight: Simulations of turbulent boundary layers at high Reynolds numbers

The study of simplified canonical flows allows for deducing important properties of the physics. Therefore, a number of canonical flow cases have emerged as standard model problems to study wall-bounded turbulence. …

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FLOW Highlight: TRITOS: Transitions and Turbulence Of complex Suspensions

Investigating the mechanisms by which the system microstructure determines the macroscopic flow properties provides valuable insight into the nature of flowing suspensions, and also leads to new ways of modelling and controlling it.

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FLOW Highlight: Universal Scaling Laws or Dense Particle Suspensions in Turbulent Wall-Bounded Flows

We examine by means of large-scale interface-resolved numerical simulations the macroscopic behavior of dense suspensions of neutrally-buoyant spheres in turbulent plane channel flow. …

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FLOW: Adjoint-based linear and nonlinear optimisation in wall-bounded shear flow

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FLOW: An accurate integral equation method for simulating multi-phase Stokes flow

We have developed a numerical method based on an integral equation formulation for simulating drops in viscous fluids in the plane.

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FLOW: Arctic Sea ice in warm climates

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