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Sven Stafström

ProfessorElectronic StructureElectronic: Method development in studies of charge transport in organic materials

Thor Wikfeldt

Electronic Structure

Tino Ebbers

Professor, Medical Visualization Subcommunity CoordinatorVisualizationVisualization: Lagrangian Analysis of Intracardiac Blood Flow using 4D Flow MRI, Visualization: Semi-Automatic Visualization and Quantification of Intra-Cardiac 4D Flow MRI Data for Large Patient Studies, Visualization: Cardiovascular blood flow analysis, Visualization: FlowZoom: Feature-based, multi-resolution in-situ sampling of very large turbulence simulations, Visualization: Assimilation of experimental and computational fluid dynamics

Tino Weinkauf


Tom Whitington

e-Science for Cancer Prevention and Control

Tony Lindeberg


Torben Koenigk

PhD, Climate ResearcherClimate ModelingClimate: Treating multiple sea-ice categories in EC-EARTH

Torben Rasmussen

PhD, Application Expert - Computational ChemistryElectronic Structure, NSC

Torgny Faxén

Climate Modeling, NSC

Ulf Hansson

Scientific ProgrammerClimate Modeling

Uwe Fladrich

Scientific ProgrammerClimate ModelingClimate: Treating multiple sea-ice categories in EC-EARTH

Walter Basile


Wei Zhang

Weine Olovsson

PhD, Application Expert - Computational Material ScienceElectronic Structure

Yi Luo

Professor in Theoretical ChemistryElectronic Structure

Ying Liu

Climate Modeling

Zilvinas Rinkevicius

PhDElectronic StructureElectronic: Multilayer parallelization of DALTON quantum chemistry program, Electronic: Method development for multiscale computations, Electronic: Exploitation of heterogeneous processor-coprocessor (CPU/CCPU) environments for high level ab initio electronic structure calculations, Electronic: Multiscale Modeling Methods for Biomolecules

Örjan Ekeberg

Professor in Computer ScienceBrain-IT
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