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2014 Adaptive and model-based control theory applied to convectively unstable flows
2014 Centralised Versus Decentralised Active Control of Boundary Layer Instabilities
2014 A continuous description of porous and elastic media for the simulation of the flow around coated objects
2014 Effects of weak noise on oscillating flows : Linking quality factor, Floquet modes, and Koopman spectrum
2014 Passive appendages generate drift through symmetry breaking
2013 Koopman-mode decomposition of the cylinder wake
2013 Transition delay in a boundary layer flow using active control
2012 Bifurcation and stability analysis of a jet in cross-flow : onset of global instability at a low velocity ratio
2012 Computational Hydrodynamic Stability and Flow Control Based on Spectral Analysis of Linear Operators
2012 Spontaneous symmetry breaking of a hinged flapping filament generates lift
2011 Feedback control of three-dimensional optimal disturbances using reduced-order models
2011 Secondary threshold amplitudes for sinuous streak breakdown
2011 Self-sustained global oscillations in a jet in crossflow
2011 Stability of a jet in crossflow
2011 Transition delay using control theory
2010 Linear control of 3D disturbances on a flat-plate
2010 Model Reduction of the Nonlinear Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation
2010 Reduced-order models for flow control: balanced models and Koopman modes


Year Title
2009 Bifurcation and stability analysis of a jet in crossflow