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Philipp Schlatter
Associate Professor, FLOW Community Coordinator
+46 8 790 71 76
Fluid Dynamics


2014 Aspect ratio effects in turbulent duct flows studied through direct numerical simulation
2014 Complexity of localised coherent structures in a boundary-layer flow
2014 Drag reduction in turbulent boundary layers : Effect of uniform blowing and suction
2014 Experiments and Computations of Localized Pressure Gradients with Different History Effects
2014 Hairpin vortices in turbulent boundary layers
2014 The influence of temperature fluctuations on hot-wire measurements in wall-bounded turbulence
2014 Linear disturbances in the rotating-disk flow : a comparison between results from simulations, experiments and theory
2014 Mutual inductance instability of the tip vortices behind a wind turbine
2014 On the near-wall vortical structures at moderate Reynolds numbers
2014 A new high-order method for the simulation of incompressible wall-bounded turbulent flows
2014 A numerical study of the unstratified and stratified Ekman layer
2014 Recurrent Bursts via Linear Processes in Turbulent Environments
2014 Revisiting the stability analysis of the flow over a rotating disk
2014 Role of data uncertainties in identifying the logarithmic region of turbulent boundary layers
2014 Secondary instability and tertiary states in rotating plane Couette flow
2014 Simulating the laminar von Karman flow in Nek5000
2014 Simulating the linear behaviour of the flow over a rotating disk due to roughness elements
2014 Simulation and validation of a spatially evolving turbulent boundary layer up to Re
2014 Statistics of Particle Accumulation in Spatially Developing Turbulent Boundary Layers
2014 Turbulence and laminarisation in the spatially extended asymptotic suction boundary layer
2014 Turbulent pipe flow : Statistics, Re-dependence, structures and similarities with channel and boundary layer flows
2014 Universality and scaling phenomenology of small-scale turbulence in wall-bounded flows
2013 Comparison of experiments and simulations for zero pressure gradient turbulent boundary layers at moderate Reynolds numbers
2013 Correcting hot-wire spatial resolution effects in third- and fourth-order velocity moments in wall-bounded turbulence
2013 Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Pipe Flow at Moderately High Reynolds Numbers
2013 Evolution of turbulence characteristics from straight to curved pipes
2013 Localized edge states in the asymptotic suction boundary layer
2013 Oblique laminar-turbulent interfaces in plane shear flows
2013 Preparing scientific application software for exascale computing
2013 Spatial resolution analysis of planar PIV measurements to characterise vortices in turbulent flows
2013 Stabilization of the Spectral Element Method in Convection Dominated Flows by Recovery of Skew-Symmetry
2012 Bifurcation and stability analysis of a jet in cross-flow : onset of global instability at a low velocity ratio
2012 Coherent structures and dominant frequencies in a turbulent three-dimensional diffuser
2012 Identifying Turbulent Spots in Transitional Boundary Layers
2012 A low-dissipative, scale-selective discretization scheme for the Navier-Stokes equations
2012 Pressure fluctuation in high-Reynolds-number turbulent boundary layer : Results from experiments and DNS
2012 Rare backflow and extreme wall-normal velocity fluctuations in near-wall turbulence
2012 Self-similar transport of inertial particles in a turbulent boundary laye
2012 Self-Sustained Localized Structures in a Boundary-Layer Flow
2012 Turbulent boundary layers at moderate Reynolds numbers : inflow length and tripping effects
2012 Turbulent-laminar coexistence in wall flows with Coriolis, buoyancy or Lorentz forces
2012 A vorticity stretching diagnostic for turbulent and transitional flows
2012 Wall accumulation and spatial localization in particle-laden wall flows
2011 Effects of modelling, resolution and anisotropy of subgrid-scales on large eddy simulations of channel flow
2011 Entropy Generation in a Boundary Layer Transitioning Under the Influence of Freestream Turbulence
2011 On the fluctuating wall-shear stress in zero pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layer flows
2011 Global linear and nonlinear stability of viscous confined plane wakes with co-flow
2011 Large Scale Accumulation Patterns of Inertial Particles in Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flow
2011 A method to estimate turbulence intensity and transverse Taylor microscale in turbulent flows from spatially averaged hot-wire data
2011 Self-sustained global oscillations in a jet in crossflow
2011 Stability of a jet in crossflow
2011 Stochastic and Deterministic Motion of a Laminar-Turbulent Front in a Spanwisely Extended Couette Flow
2010 Assessment of direct numerical simulation data of turbulent boundary layers
2010 Direct numerical simulation of separated flow in a three-dimensional diffuser
2010 Entropy generation rate in turbulent spots in a boundary layer subject to freestream turbulence
2010 Formation of turbulent patterns near the onset of transition in plane Couette flow
2010 Interaction of noise disturbances and streamwise streaks
2010 Numerical study of the stabilisation of boundary-layer disturbances by finite amplitude streaks
2010 Quantifying the interaction between large and small scales in wall-bounded turbulent flows: A note of caution
2010 Reduced-order models for flow control: balanced models and Koopman modes
2010 Simulations of heat transfer in a boundary layer subject to free-stream turbulence
2010 Simulations of spatially evolving turbulent boundary layers up to Re(theta)=4300
2010 Stripy patterns in low-Re turbulent plane Couette flow
2010 The viscous sublayer revisited-exploiting self-similarity to determine the wall position and friction velocity


Year Title
2014 Assembly level vectorization of compute intensive kernels in Nek5000 [ENDED]
2012 ASTRID - ”A STudy of Rotation In Developing boundary-layer flows": Direct numerical simulations
2011 Methods for Lagrangian particles in complex geometries
2010 Rotating channel flow at high Reynolds number
2010 Stratified wall-bounded flows
2010 Studies of transition in Couette flow
2010 Tools for Visualisations with Simson
2009 Bifurcation and stability analysis of a jet in crossflow
2009 DNS of high-Reynolds number turbulent pipe flow
2008 Particle-laden transitional flows; small and finite-size particles
2007 Large-scale simulations of turbulent flows, including transition and separation
2007 Simulations of turbulent boundary layers with passive scalars
2007 Spectral-element simulations of turbulent separation
  FlowZoom: Feature-based, multi-resolution in-situ sampling of very large turbulence simulations
  Numerical experiments in a virtual wind tunnel
  Wall-bounded turbulence: Re-visit using numerical experiments
  WALLPART - Inertial Particles in developing wall turbulence