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Olof Emanuelsson
Associate Professor


1999-2003 PhD Stockholm University
2003-2005 Postdoc Yale University, New Haven Ct. USA
2005-2009 Researcher Stockholm University
2008-2010 Guest researcher Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
2009-2011 Forskarassistent, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
2011-2013 Assistant professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
2013- Associate professor (Universitetslektor), KTH Royal Institute of Technology



2014 Analysis of stranded information using an automated procedure for strand specific RNA sequencing
2014 The Dictyostelium discoideum RNA-dependent RNA polymerase RrpC silences the centromeric retrotransposon DIRS-1 post-transcriptionally and is required for the spreading of RNA silencing signals
2014 Engagera och aktivera studenter med inspiration från konferenser : examination genom poster-presentation
2014 Engagera och aktivera studenter med inspiration från konferenser: examination genom posterpresentation
2014 Nuclease-Assisted Suppression of Human DNA Background in Sepsis
2014 Sequencing Degraded RNA Addressed by 3 ' Tag Counting
2013 Early Cone Setting in Picea abies acrocona Is Associated with Increased Transcriptional Activity of a MADS Box Transcription Factor
2013 Hereditary uveal melanoma : A report of a germline mutation in BAP1
2012 Combined Chromatin and Expression Analysis Reveals Specific Regulatory Mechanisms within Cytokine Genes in the Macrophage Early Immune Response


Year Title
  Computational methods to assess and remedy mapping bias in allele-specific expression and genomic cis-element analysis