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2014 Boundary Conditions for Hyperbolic Systems of Equations on Curved Domains
2014 Duality based boundary conditions and dual consistent finite difference discretizations of the Navier–Stokes and Euler equations
2014 Efficient Fully Discrete Summation-by-parts Schemes for Unsteady Flow Problems
2014 A Flexible Boundary Procedure for Hyperbolic Problems: Multiple Penalty Terms Applied in a Domain
2014 Fully Discrete Energy Stable High Order Finite Difference Methods for Hyperbolic Problems in Deforming Domains
2014 A New Well-posed Vorticity Divergence Formulation of the Shallow Water Equations
2014 A Provable Stable and Accurate Davies-like Relaxation Procedure Using Multiple Penalty Terms for Lateral Boundaries in Weather Prediction
2014 Review of summation-by-parts schemes for initial-boundary-value problems
2014 Revisiting well-posed boundary conditions for the shallow water equations
2014 The SBP-SAT Technique for Initial Value Problems
2014 Spurious solutions for the advection-diffusion equation using wide stencils for approximating the second derivative.
2014 Stable, high order accurate adaptive schemes for long time, highly intermittent geophysics problems
2014 A stochastic Galerkin method for the Euler equations with Roe variable transformation
2014 Summation-by-parts in Time: the Second Derivative
2014 Variance reduction through robust design of boundary conditions for stochastic hyperbolic systems of equations
2014 Well-posedness, Stability and Conservation for a Discontinuous Interface Problem
2013 Conjugate heat transfer for the unsteady compressible Navier–Stokes equations using a multi-block coupling
2013 Discretely Conservative Finite-Difference Formulations for Nonlinear Conservation Laws in Split Form: Theory and Boundary Conditions
2013 Duality based boundary treatment for the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations
2013 Energy Stable High Order Finite Difference Methods for Hyperbolic Equations in Moving Coordinate Systems
2013 High-order accurate difference schemes for the Hodgkin-Huxley equations
2013 On the impact of boundary conditions on dual consistent finite difference discretizations
2013 Increasing the convergence rate to steady-state by using multiple penalty terms applied in a domain
2013 The Influence of Viscous Operator and Wall Boundary Conditions on the Accuracy of the Navier-Stokes Equations
2013 An intrusive hybrid method for discontinuous two-phase flow under uncertainty
2013 Linear and Nonlinear Boundary Conditions for Wave Propagation Problems
2013 The SBP-SAT Technique for Time-Discretization
2013 Simulation of Dynamic Earthquake Ruptures in Complex Geometries Using High-Order Finite Difference Methods
2013 On stability and monotonicity requirements of finite difference approximations of stochastic conservation laws with random viscosity
2013 Summation-By-Parts in Time
2013 Well-posedness and Stability of Exact Non-reflecting Boundary Conditions
2012 Coupled High-Order Finite Difference and Unstructured Finite Volume Methods for Earthquake Rupture Dynamics in Complex Geometries
2012 Earthquake Rupture dynamics in complex geometries using coupled high-order finite difference methods and finite volume methods
2012 Energy Decay of Vortices in Viscous Fluids: an Applied Mathematics View
2012 Interaction of Waves with Frictional Interfaces Using Summation-by-Parts Difference Operators: Weak Enforcement of Nonlinear Boundary Conditions
2012 Spectral analysis of the continuous and discretized heat and advection equation on single and multiple domains
2012 Superconvergent functional output for time-dependent problems using finite differences on summation-by-parts form
2012 Weak and strong wall boundary procedures and convergence to steady-state of the Navier-Stokes equations
2011 Interface procedures for finite difference approximations of the advection-diffusion equation
2011 A stable and conservative method for locally adapting the design order of finite difference schemes
2011 Stable Robin solid wall boundary conditions for the Navier-Stokes equations


Year Title
2012 Constructing non-reflecting boundaries using multiple Penalty terms