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2014 Eigenspine: Computing the Correlation between Measures Describing Vertebral Pose for Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
2014 Eigenspine : Eigenvector Analysis of Spinal Deformities in Idiopathic Scoliosis
2014 From Expected Propagator Distribution to Optimal Q-space Sample Metric
2014 An Information Theoretic Approach to Optimal Q-space Sampling
2014 Measurement Tensors in Diffusion MRI : Generalizing the Concept of Diffusion Encoding
2014 Model-based registration for assessment of spinal deformities in idiopathic scoliosis
2014 Monomial Phase : A Matrix Representation of Local Phase
2014 Skull Segmentation in MRI by a Support Vector Machine Combining Local and Global Features
2014 Sparse isotropic q-space sampling distribution for Compressed Sensing in DSI
2014 Towards Clinical Deployment of Automated Anatomical Regions-Of-Interest
2014 In-vivo diffusion q-space trajectory imaging
2013 Fully automatic measurements of axial vertebral rotation for assessment of spinal deformity in idiopathic scoliosis
2013 Tensor Metrics and Charged Containers for 3D Q-space Sample Distribution
2013 Towards Data Centric Sampling for Volume Rendering
2012 4D Medical Image Processing with CUDA
2012 Does Parametric fMRI Analysis with SPM Yield Valid Results? - An Empirical Study of 1484 Rest Datasets
2012 fMRI Analysis on the GPU - Possibilities and Challenges
2011 Fast Random Permutation Tests Enable Objective Evaluation of Methods for Single Subject fMRI Analysis
2011 Model-Based Transfer Functions for Efficient Visualization of Medical Image Volumes
2011 A Novel MRI Framework for the Quantification of Any Moment of Arbitrary Velocity Distributions
2011 True 4D Image Denoising on the GPU
2011 In vivo SNR in DENSE MRI; temporal and regional effects of field strength, receiver coil sensitivity and flip angle strategies
2010 Concurrent Volume Visualization of Real-Time fMRI
2010 Single-Breath-Hold Multiple-Slice DENSE MRI


Year Title
2010 Visualization of MR Diffusion Data