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Gunilla Efraimsson
Associate Professor



2014 Acoustical Broadband signatures from RANS Turbulence Quantities
2014 Aero-acoustic source analysis of landing gear noise via dynamic mode decomposition
2014 Aeroacoustic calculation using DES together with FW-H for a ducted subsonic fan
2014 Effect of a SDBD on the drag of a half-submerged cylinder in crossflow
2014 Numerical investigation of a realistic nose landing gear
2014 Prediction model of flow duct constriction noise
2014 Progress Towards Adaptive Aircraft Engine Nacelles
2014 Simulations of the scattering of sound waves at a sudden area expansion in a 3D duct
2014 Wake characteristics of high-speed trains with different lengths
2013 Aeroacoustics research in Europe : The CEAS-ASC report on 2012 highlights
2013 Evaluating stretched grids and introducing black hole layers as alternative non-reflecting buffer zone
2013 Simulations of a liner cell using a frequency-domain linearized Navier-Stokes methodology
2012 Flow structures around a high-speed train extracted using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Dynamic Mode Decomposition
2012 Mode Decomposition on Surface-Mounted Cube
2012 Simulations of the scattering of sound waves at a sudden area expansion
2012 Simulations of whistling and the whistling potentiality of an in-duct orifice with linear aeroacoustics
2011 An Assessment of Detached-Eddy Simulations of Unsteady Crosswind Aerodynamics of Road Vehicles
2010 Flow field eigenmode decompositions in aeroacoustics
2010 A frequency domain linearized Navier-Stokes equations approach to acoustic propagation in flow ducts with sharp edges


Year Title
2009 Numerical simulation of generation of sound in separated internal flows