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Erwin Laure
Professor in Computer Science


2014 Exploiting DMA for Performance and Energy Optimized STREAM on a DSP
2014 The Fluid-Kinetic Particle-in-Cell method for plasma simulations
2014 Instrumentation for accurate energy-to-solution measurements of a texas instruments TMS320C6678 digital signal processor and its DDR3 memory
2014 Privacy Threat Modeling for Emerging BiobankClouds
2014 Signatures of secondary collisionless magnetic reconnection driven by kink instability of a flux rope
2013 Cloud Privacy Threat Modeling
2013 Data storage and management for global research data infrastructures - Status and perspectives
2013 Kinetic simulations of plasmoid chain dynamics
2013 Online Performance Data Introspection with IPM
2013 Preface
2013 ScaBIA : Scalable brain image analysis in the cloud
2013 Scalability analysis of Dalton, a molecular structure program
2013 Technological and organisational aspects of global research data infrastructures towards year 2020
2013 Topic 6 : Grid, cluster and cloud computing (Introduction)
2011 Design and Implementation of a Runtime System for Parallel Numerical Simulations on Large-Scale Clusters
2011 Scaling Dalton, a molecular electronic structure program
2010 Perspectives on grid computing


Year Title
2010 EGI-Inspire
2010 PRACE
2010 ScalaLife
2010 Venus-C
  eCPC WP2: Managing sensitive data in distributed environments
  OpCoReS - Optimized Component Runtime System