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Arne Elofsson


Professor in bioinformatics.
Working on protein structure function folding evolution and modeling



2014 Folding of Aquaporin 1 : Multiple evidence that helix 3 can shift out of the membrane core
2014 Improved Contact Predictions Using the Recognition of Protein Like Contact Patterns
2014 Insertion of marginally hydrophobic helix in EmrD
2014 Large Tilts in Transmembrane Helices Can Be Induced during Tertiary Structure Formation
2014 Orphans and new gene origination, a structural and evolutionary perspective
2014 PconsFold : improved contact predictions improve protein models
2014 The Positive Inside Rule Is Stronger When Followed by a Transmembrane Helix
2014 Why is the biological hydrophobicity scale more accurate than earlier experimental hydrophobicity scales?
2013 The impact of splicing on protein domain architecture
2013 Long indels are disordered : A study of disorder and indels in homologous eukaryotic proteins
2013 Membrane protein shaving with thermolysin can be used to evaluate topology predictors
2013 PconsC : combination of direct information methods and alignments improves contact prediction
2013 PconsD: ultra rapid, accurate model quality assessment for protein structure prediction
2013 Protein Expansion Is Primarily due to Indels in Intrinsically Disordered Regions
2012 BOCTOPUS: Improved topology prediction of transmembrane beta barrel proteins
2012 Charge Pair Interactions in Transmembrane Helices and Turn Propensity of the Connecting Sequence Promote Helical Hairpin Insertion
2012 The evolution of filamin - A protein domain repeat perspective
2012 A guideline to proteome-wide alpha-helical membrane protein topology predictions
2012 The interface of protein structure, protein biophysics, and molecular evolution
2012 Ligand binding properties of human galanin receptors
2012 Manipulating the genetic code for membrane protein production: What have we learnt so far? 
2012 Molecular recognition of a single sphingolipid species by a protein's transmembrane domain
2012 Ranking models of transmembrane beta-barrel proteins using Z-coordinate predictions
2011 The complement regulator CD46 is bactericidal to Helicobacter pylori and blocks urease activity
2011 Improved predictions by Pcons.net using multiple templates
2011 An Introduction to Membrane Proteins
2011 KalignP: Improved multiple sequence alignments using position specific gap penalties in Kalign2
2011 Rapid membrane protein topology prediction
2011 Why are polar residues within the membrane core evolutionary conserved?
2010 Determining receptor–ligand interaction of human galanin receptor type 3
2010 Genomic evolution and complexity of the Anaphase-promoting Complex (APC) in land plants
2010 Identifying and Quantifying Orphan Protein Sequences in Fungi
2010 Internal duplications in alpha-helical membrane protein topologies are common but the nonduplicated forms are rare
2010 Membrane Insertion of Marginally Hydrophobic Transmembrane Helices Depends on Sequence Context
2010 MPRAP: An accessibility predictor for a-helical transmem-brane proteins that performs well inside and outside the membrane
2010 Nebulin: A Study of Protein Repeat Evolution
2010 Repositioning of Transmembrane alpha-Helices during Membrane Protein Folding


Year Title
  Deep learning in protein structure predictions
  Using predictions to improve predictions of membrane proteins